Problems & costs

QA Tester reveals 9 usability must-haves for an app

Uncover the Magic of Designing Applications That Captivate and Engage! In the dynamic world of technology, where mobile and web applications are an integral part of our lives, real value lies not only in beauty but also in functionality and ease of use. Wondering how to create applications that not only attract attention but are also reliable and user-friendly? This article is just for you!

Aleksandra Trzeciak
QA Tester
IT outsourcing benefits & risks

IT outsourcing benefits & risks

Analyze the outsourcing decision with our insightful analysis. Uncover the benefits and drawbacks of this strategy, from potential financial gains to inherent risks. Learn how to optimize your company’s strategy to achieve greater benefits.

Kasia Sitarz
Business Development Specialist
Modele rozliczeń w IT: Fixed price, time & materials, fixed budget

Billing Models in IT: Fixed Price, Time & Materials, Fixed Budget

Fixed Price? Time & Materials? Fixed Budget? Check which billing model will work best for your project.

Kasia Sitarz
Business Development Specialist
Poznaj odpowiedzi by lepiej zrozumieć proces tworzenia aplikacji, ale także efektywniej komunikować się z software house'm.

Building an App? We reveal 15 questions a Software Development Company will ask you

Get to know the answers to understand the process of creating apps, but also to communicate better with the Software Development Company.

Michał Cal
Head of Growth
Top 10 Mind-Blowing Facts and Myths About C# .NET Development

Myths and facts about C# .NET

Discover the C# .NET technology. Examine common myths surrounding it and see what this platform truly has to offer.

Piotr Stachaczyński
.NET Developer
How to Write an Excellent Mobile App Brief?

How to Write an Excellent Mobile App Brief?

So, you’ve come up with a fantastic idea for a mobile application and are now wondering what’s next?

Sławek Szewczyk
Sławek Szewczyk
Chief Project Officer
Dlaczego potrzebujesz UX/UI designera w procesie tworzenia aplikacji

Why you need a UX/UI Designer in the App Creation Process 

Have you ever wondered about the role and significance of UX/UI in the process of creating a mobile application? This article will explain to you how important it is to collaborate with a designer.

Sławek Szewczyk
Sławek Szewczyk
Chief Project Officer
Aplikacja mobilna, webowa, desktopowa- poznaj ich różnice!

Mobile app, web app, desktop app: know the difference!

Do you know what the differences between applications are? Discover their distinctive features.

Paweł Janda