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Front-end development services using React

React is a very popular tool for programming user interfaces.
It’s a powerful JavaScript library that uses reusable components which are used to build up the front-end layer of web applications. The user side of web apps is the one that your customers will see and interact with. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the best technological solution for the job.

With React’s flexible components, developers create interactive and responsive interfaces. Moreover, the modular structure of React’s code enables expanding and scaling applications easily and quickly. Take advantage of our React.js development services and create an app that is friendly to your customers.

react app development

A few reasons to use React.js:

Speed and efficiency

React minimizes the need to update user interface elements, resulting in faster loading and responsive applications.


The components of this JavaScript library consist of small pieces of code and are easy to use and modify. This translates into time and cost savings.


React can be combined with various technologies, allowing easy integration with other systems.

Community support

Developers using React.js have built a strong community where they share knowledge and tools to make their work easier.

A few words about React

React is currently a leading technology when it comes to creating interactive and responsive UIs for various types of web applications. It allows you to create a highly customized front-end to suit your business profile.

Basically, there is no limitation to using React: you can use it to grow your e-commerce business, create a marketplace for your services, drive up bookings or monitor performance in your business. Some apps will allow you to reach new customers, while others will streamline business processes. The range of possibilities is numerous.

Apart from building fully tailor-made web apps, you can also use React to create PWAs, which are applications that feel and look like native mobile apps and have many of their functionalities. All this using one technology.

react js services

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Developing applications using React is our specialty. Thanks to our rich experience, we efficiently implement advanced projects.

Knowledge and skills

Self-development is our priority. That's why we always stay up-to-date with the latest versions releases, frequently attend training courses, follow new programming trends and co-create the community of React developers.

Individual approach

At the beginning of each cooperation, we precisely examine the needs of our clients. Some clients entrust us with the entire development of an application; while for others we offer outsourcing of React developers.

Efficient and effective cooperation

The process of developing your application will follow the agile management principles. This means you are able to see the progress regularly. Good communication is key.

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React.js app development step by step


Discover and define

Only a holistic strategy guarantees the quality and consistency of the entire project.

  • Meetings and requirements
  • Analysis, data collecting
  • Functionality architecture
  • Project planning

Graphic design

Create engaging mobile experiences

We follow your brand identity or help to create it from scratch.

  • Envision your customers’ mobile assets
  • User flow
  • Creating high-impact design
  • Digital prototyping


Beauty is nothing without brains

We develop innovative, secure, and high-performance applications for mobile.

  • Technical Direction
  • Technical Specifications
  • Front & Back-end Development

Quality Assurance

Get-things-done attitude

Our specialized in-house QA team does the review and testing of all the software we build.

  • Usability testing sessions
  • Code reviews
  • Bug fixing
  • Approval


Go live

Implementing appropriate app analytics and making sure that your app is ranked high in stores by introducing appropriate App Store Optimization techniques.

Improvement Measure & Update

Numbers, not guessing

Making sure all changes are data-driven and keep on checking the  appearance and functionality. We make sure your audience gets the updates they’ve been looking for.

We’re still not resting on our laurels

  • We’ve never had any issues in terms of meeting deadlines and communicating. They respond to every issue very fast, in every part of the day and they figure out a solution for all of our questions. The mobitouch team has been involved in every level of digital product development.

    Kamil Zowczak
    CEO & Co-Founder at Epinote
  • Mobitouch did an amazing job. I’m satisfied with the quality of their services and development skills. Also, they are reliable and manage communication perfectly. I fully recommend mobitouch as an IT partner!

    Michał Kuriata
    IT Project Manager at Nowa Itaka sp. z o.o.
  • Our project was conducted in a truly professional way. The communication was swift and work was done quickly, yet it were the details that went beyond our expectations. Mobitouch always know what they are doing.

    Piotr Kordyś
    Product Owner at Poca&Poca

Check out our projects!

Itaka Hotels

Itaka is one of the most popular travel agencies in Poland. Established in 1989, the company is now a leader in organizing holidays and trips based on charter flights.
The main objective was to create an application in web technologies (React.js) integrated with numerous external services.


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