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Create a stable backend for your app using secure .NET technology

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Scalability and security of your application’s backend

.NET is a universal development platform based on C# programming language and backed by Microsoft. It allows the creation of stable and adaptable server-side software. It is used to develop the back-end of various types of applications – both web and mobile.

.NET platform gives you the ability to scale your application freely. The broad range of use makes it a suitable backend choice for all kinds of applications: from very simple ones to highly complex enterprise systems.
More than that, .NET integrates well with multiple other technologies with Azure services on top of the list. Azure is also developed by Microsoft, making the two platforms a perfect match. If you’re looking for a solution that will create a powerful application and meet its high demands, .NET is the undisputed winner.

.NET software development services also focus on code security. The built-in mechanisms of the platform protect your application from hacker attacks.

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See what sets .NET apart

.NET is a development platform for creating server-side software. Created and constantly developed by Microsoft, its advantage is versatility – it integrates well with multiple other technologies. It’s a reliable solution for companies that care about performance, stability, scalability and security of applications. The platform is based on an open source license. The possibility of creating a distributed architecture ensures that the software will be stable. The code of .NET applications gives you enhanced security and stability, even with large applications, and can be easily containerized and run in the cloud.

The main benefits of .NET software development:

  • Creating stable and fast-performing server-side software.
  • Modern technology that makes code and user security its priority.
  • Convenient and easy integration with external systems and technologies.
  • Smooth development and powerful scaling possibilities of the application in the future.
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.NET agile development with mobitouch


Our team are experts in .NET development. We are aware of its potential and benefit from its extensive functionalities..

Knowledge and skills

We are up-to-date with the latest upgrades and extensions to the .NET platform. We regularly attend training courses to create even better applications.

Individual approach

We adapt to the needs of our clients with each project. Some clients entrust us with the entire development of an application in .NET; while for others we offer outsourcing of .NET developers.

Efficient and effective cooperation

We work according to the agile management methods and are always open to constructive dialogue with our clients. This allows us to achieve the best possible results in a relatively short time.

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.NET app development step by step

Graphic design
Quality Assurance
Improvement Measure & Update
  • Preparation

    Only a holistic strategy guarantees the quality and consistency of the entire project.

    • Meetings and requirements
    • Analysis, data collecting
    • Functionality architecture
    • Project planning
  • Graphic design

    We follow your brand identity or help to create it from scratch.

    • Envision your customers’ mobile assets
    • User flow
    • Creating high-impact design
    • Digital prototyping
  • Development

    We develop innovative, secure, and high-performance applications for mobile.

    • Technical Direction
    • Technical Specifications
    • Front & Back-end Development
  • Quality Assurance

    Our specialized in-house QA team does the review and testing of all the software we build.

    • Usability testing sessions
    • Code reviews
    • Bug fixing
    • Approval
  • Launch

    Implementing appropriate app analytics and making sure that your app is ranked high in stores by introducing appropriate App Store Optimization techniques.

  • Improvement Measure & Update

    Making sure all changes are data-driven and keep on checking the  appearance and functionality. We make sure your audience gets the updates they’ve been looking for.

We’re still not resting on our laurels

Our approach to the project

When creating mobile software, we are guided by agile management. We work according to Scrum standards.

What does this mean for you?


We determine the scope of the project and create a plan for completing it.


Next, we create a list of tasks and features to be implemented. Each stage of the work is precisely planned and verified, and the project is supervised by people who know all the goals of your product.


At this stage, we break the project into sprints, or short periods of work, each with a specific goal. Thanks to “sprints”, the mobile app is developed at a predictable rhythm.

Daily Sprint

Each day Project Manager responsible for your project has a short meeting with a team to review progress and plan tasks for the day.


At the end of each sprint, we review the progress and retrospect on how to improve the process for the next sprint. If individual functionalities of the application are ready to implement, we do it immediately after your approval.

Check out our applications


AskMedNow is an educational mobile application aimed at doctors and pharmacists that offers free access to over 23,000 medical questions divided into 23 specialties.

  • Their team is highly responsive and easy to reach during the development. This made our collaboration really smooth and professional. Mobitouch took an extra care about communicating the project’s progress – and that approach really paid off!

    Dorota Konefał
    Senior Team Leader at AskMedNow
  • Their development work was really of high quality.

    Matteo Filippo Chiarini
    Senior Product Manager at faire.ai
  • We are very pleased with their professionalism and vast knowledge of technology.

    Dawid Mackiewicz
    Executive Manager at Garrio

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