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Jeronimo Martins
Radio Nowy Świat

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Radio Nowy Świat

Radio Nowy Świat

A mobile application thanks to which you can listen to your favorite music and podcasts anytime and anywhere!

Furgonetka BOX Partner

Furgonetka BOX Partner

A mobile app with an AR module for locating spots for new parcel machines.

Software House that delivers

We are a team of highly skilled developers and reliable designers. Our craft can be described in 3 words: challenge, progress, and passion. These are the values that drive us to create high-end applications, digital products, and other projects. We efficiently navigate through start-ups and big brands’ environments. As a software house, we also support local technology initiatives.

  • Mobitouch did an amazing job. I’m satisfied with the quality of their services and development skills. Also, they are reliable and manage communication perfectly. I fully recommend mobitouch as an IT partner!

    Michał Kuriata
    IT Project Manager at Nowa Itaka sp. z o.o.
  • The team of experts at mobitouch has the skills and know-how to implement the most demanding projects. Moreover, they have in-depth knowledge of the latest technology trends and know how to apply them creatively to build high-performing products.

    Łukasz Bis
    CEO at InternetBeta Conference
  • Their team are experts in designing and coding mobile apps, whose knowledge and experience helped us implement improvements into the app. We were also very impressed with the smooth communication and information flow thanks to which we felt as a part of their team and made sure any delays were eliminated.

    Michał Korba
    Co-Founder at iWisher.pl
  • Mobitouch is a team of skilled professionals that understand AR technology well. They helped us with every step of the development process. They think outside of the box. Therefore, the final product is even better than we hoped for!

    Furgonetka BOX Partner
    Marta Gaińska
    Operations Manager at Furgonetka.pl

Our team is ready to help you to find the optimal solution that will meet your specifications and achieve your business goals.

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