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Mobile Developer (Flutter)
Develop outstanding cross-platform applications.
PLN 7.000 – 12.000
netto B2B + VAT (Business Contract)
Mid .NET Developer
Create demanding web apps in .NET 6.
PLN 8.000 – 16.000
netto B2B + VAT (Business Contract)
UX/UI Designer
Design great and functional interfaces for mobile and web applications.
PLN 6.000 - 12.000
netto B2B + VAT (Business Contract)
IT Analyst
Unleash the data potential in the fascinating world of the latest technologies.
PLN 8.000 - 15.000
netto B2B + VAT (Business Contract)
Project Manager
Lead our projects and shape the future of technology.
PLN 7.000 - 13.000
netto B2B + VAT (Business Contract)
We offer the apprenticeship program for school, secondary and college students.
With mobitouch you will do an apprenticeship under the supervision of experienced specialists.
Jeronimo Martins
Radio Nowy Świat

Didn't find anything that matches your experience? Maybe you have some skills which we should consider having in our team?

Work-life balance first. Everything else after.

We were born to write high-quality software every day.

But except for that fact…

We are also humans and friends. All of us have individual needs. As an employer, we are doing our best to create a suitable environment for a sense of growth and feeling stable. So, if you want to work with professionals who treat customers and employees with respect, your job is waiting right here. We can’t wait to get to know you!

This is the code we follow

Trust within the team

All the cards are on the table. We discuss objections and treat each other fairly.

Work-life balance

We believe that a satisfied employee performs better than a burnt-out one. We aim to limit the impact of work on private life.

Learning and development

We enjoy sharing knowledge among the team members and encourage them to do the same.

Team spirit

We must be on the same page. Together we can achieve more.

Perks & benefits to be expected

  • Code review
    You have the support of the entire crew
  • Remote work
    Possibility of home office work
  • Flexible hours
    Start and finish at a convenient time
  • Mobi devs skillz
    Knowledge upgrade meetings
  • Parties
    Informal team-building events
  • High-end stuff
    Modern work tools
  • Massage vouchers
    We care about relaxation
  • English lessons
    Free language courses
  • Multisport & Opensport24
    Build your fitness using multiple sports facilities
  • Chillout room
    Space to refresh your brain and boost your creativity
  • Referral program
    Bonus for recommendations
  • Be a part of our blog
    Creating an expert image
  • New office
    Convenient and modern workspace
  • No dress codes
    Chilled out atmosphere
  • International projects
    Work for foreign clients
  • Feedback
    Regular feedback meetings
  • Real values
    Work for a responsible organization
  • International projects gave me priceless experience, but I don't feel like I'm working for a big corporation.
    Michał Wyczarski
    Michał Wyczarski
    Flutter Developer
  • I joined mobitouch while I was still at college because I was doing an mLAB internship here. It was the best decision of my professional career. I got a great boost of experience in a very short time.
    Krzysiek Chrząstek
    Krzysiek Chrząstek
    Junior .NET Developer
  • What I appreciate the most is the human approach to each employee. Constant pressure and stress cause a lack of desire to work - there is none of that here.
    Dominik Skarbek
    Dominik Skarbek
    Front-end Developer


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We will analyze your experience, education, and skills and come back with feedback within a maximum of 3 working days. If your profile is suitable for the applied position, we will happily invite you for an interview!

Let's get to know each other!

The next step will be a technical interview where we will discuss your skills and experience. This stage proceeds remotely. If it goes smoothly, we will invite you to a meeting at our office.

We will talk about your expectations and awaiting projects and will be happy to answer any questions. We will both have an opportunity to get to know each other better.

Welcome on board!

If you are the candidate we have been looking for, we will get back to you with a personalized offer. Soon, you will be able to join the mobitouch team!

Haven’t you received a job offer from us? Nothing to worry about! We are aware of our candidates, so we will keep your application for future recruitment. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to collaborate in no time.

Frequently Asked Quesions

How can I apply to mobitouch?

You can apply via the application form on this website. All you have to do is click on the offer that interests you and you can apply! Also, you can contact us via email at

What does the recruitment process look like?

If we feel that your profile fits the position, we will invite you for a short technical call. If this goes well, the next step is an office interview. We will discuss your expectations for the new job, and future projects and answer any questions. If your participation in the recruitment process turns out successful, we will offer you a career in the mobitouch team!

Will I be informed if I am not qualified in a justified way?

Those who apply to mobitouch will receive an email from our recruitment team within 3 working days. In the case of a negative response to the application, we send the reasoning behind it. If the answer is positive, we will jointly set a date for a recruitment interview.

How long will I wait for the outcome of the interview?

Candidates involved in the recruitment process will receive feedback within 3 working days. The Recruitment Department will inform all applicants if the recruitment process is prolonged.

Is it worth sending a CV if there are no available positions?

Of course, it is worth it. Your CV will go into our internal candidate database, which we will use for future recruitment processes. If we are recruiting for a position that matches your qualifications, our recruiter will contact you about a job offer.

Is it possible to do an internship at mobitouch?

Yes, it is possible. Mobitouch runs the mLAB internship program. It is dedicated to university students with a computer science profile and technical secondary school students with programming and design-related profiles. People who learn programming independently are also welcome to join mLab.

What forms of contract do I have to choose from?

All candidates can choose between a contract of employment and a B2B contract. You decide which form is more suitable for you.

What does onboarding look like?

From the first days at mobitouch, the new employee will be guided by a mentor, or so-called ‘Buddy’. He will be one of the closest teammates explaining procedures and giving suggestions. What’s more, the new employee receives a welcome kit which includes a sweatshirt, t-shirt, mug, and much more!

Can I decide what time I start work?

Yep, at mobitouch we have flexible working hours!

What work tools will I receive?

We provide a comfortable and ergonomic workstation for each employee. You will also receive high-quality work tools and access to the necessary programs.

Is it possible to work fully remotely?

We prefer hybrid working, as we are keen to build good relationships between employees to provide the opportunity to share experiences with each other. Our office is well-equipped with a fully stocked kitchen, team meeting areas, and a chill zone with an Xbox console and table football. Completely remote working is only possible for selected positions.

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