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What is Flutter development?

Flutter mobile app development is a great option for several reasons.

  • Firstly, it is an open-source framework developed by Google, which allows for fast and efficient development of high-performance, visually attractive mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Secondly, it uses the Dart programming language, which is easy to learn for developers familiar with other object-oriented languages.
  • Additionally, it offers a wide range of customizable widgets and the ability to easily integrate with other languages and platforms.

All these features make Flutter mobile development a great choice for your next mobile app project. Our experience indicates that clients often need an application for two platforms – they need to know that they can achieve this effect using cross-platform technologies and a single programming language.

Flutter App Development

Why you should consider deciding on Flutter for app development

Cross-platform development

Flutter allows you to develop apps for both iOS and Android platforms with a single codebase, saving time and effort.

Fast development

Flutter’s “hot reload” feature enables developers to see changes in the code instantly, allowing for faster development and debugging.

Customizable widgets

Flutter offers a wide range of customizable widgets, which provide a native feel and look to the apps.

High performance

Flutter apps are known for their high performance, as the framework uses a reactive programming model and the Dart language, which compiles ahead-of-time.

Large developer community

Flutter has a large and active developer community, which means that there is a wealth of resources and support available for developers.

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Flutter effect in real life

Flutter app development is a powerful tool for creating a wide range of mobile projects. Here are some examples of how it is used in various industries:

Augmented Reality

Flutter is used to develop AR apps that allow users to experience virtual objects in the real world. For example, an app that enables users to visualize furniture in their home before they buy it.


Flutter software development is used to develop mobile apps for e-learning, such as flashcard apps, language learning apps, and educational games.


Flutter is used to create mobile apps for online shopping, including features such as product listings, shopping carts, and payment gateway integration.

Mobile payments

Another use of Flutter is enabling cashless payments and access to mobile banking. Moreover, Flutter has become a common choice for fintech startups as well as established banks. It enables customers to manage their finances securely.

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Radio Nowy Świat

Radio Nowy Świat is an internet radio that was created on the initiative of iconic Polish music journalists. The project was officially launched in July 2020, becoming one of the most popular radio stations of this type in the country from the first days of regular broadcasting. The application created by our team goes far beyond a simple tool for listening to radio broadcasts. Currently, it is an extensive platform, thanks to which users have access to podcasts, schedules and the entire radio playlist, and can easily check the title of the song that they are particularly fond of.

Radio Nowy Świat

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Flutter mobile development with mobitouch

We provide Flutter cross-platform development

We code Android, iOS, Huawei, and web apps. We are an all-in-one expert team, which creates Flutter cross-platform software.

We care about our customers' growth

We use cutting-edge technology to ensure code stability, security and cheaper development in the future.

All-in-one cooperation

Working with us, you can count on service from A to Z. We provide analysis, design, development and testing of applications.

Find out more details about Flutter software development

We’re still not resting on our laurels

Flutter app development step by step


Discover and define

Only a holistic strategy guarantees the quality and consistency of the entire project.

  • Meetings and requirements
  • Analysis, data collecting
  • Functionality architecture
  • Project planning

Graphic design

Create engaging mobile experiences.

We follow your brand identity or help to create it from scratch.

  • Envision your customers’ mobile assets
  • User flow
  • Creating high-impact design
  • Digital prototyping


Beauty is nothing without brains.

We develop innovative, secure, and high-performance applications for mobile.

  • Technical Direction
  • Technical Specifications
  • Front & Back-end Development

Quality Assurance

Get-things-done attitude.

Our specialized in-house QA team does the review and testing of all the software we build.

  • Usability testing sessions
  • Code reviews
  • Bug fixing
  • Approval


Go live.

Implementing appropriate app analytics and making sure that your app is ranked high in stores by introducing appropriate App Store Optimization techniques.

Improvement Measure & Update

Numbers, not guessing.

Making sure all changes are data-driven and keep on checking the  appearance and functionality. We make sure your audience gets the updates they’ve been looking for.

Our approach to the project

When creating mobile software, we are guided by agile management. We work according to Scrum standards.

What does this mean for you?


We determine the scope of the project and create a plan for completing it.


Next, we create a list of tasks and features to be implemented. Each stage of the work is precisely planned and verified, and the project is supervised by people who know all the goals of your product.


At this stage, we break the project into sprints, or short periods of work, each with a specific goal. Thanks to “sprints”, the mobile app is developed at a predictable rhythm.

Daily Standup

Each day Project Manager responsible for your project has a short meeting with a team to review progress and plan tasks for the day.


At the end of each sprint, we review the progress and retrospect on how to improve the process for the next sprint. If individual functionalities of the application are ready to implement, we do it immediately after your approval.

  • We were most surprised by their professionalism and adaptation to any situation.

    Maciej Hapke
    CEO at inout.money group sp. z o.o.
  • Mobitouch is a team of skilled professionals that understand AR technology well. They helped us with every step of the development process. They think outside of the box. Therefore, the final product is even better than we hoped for!

    Furgonetka BOX Partner
    Marta Gaińska
    Operations Manager at Furgonetka.pl
  • We are very pleased with their professionalism and vast knowledge of technology.

    Dawid Mackiewicz
    Executive Manager at Garrio
  • Their development work was really of high quality.

    Matteo Filippo Chiarini
    Senior Product Manager at faire.ai
  • Mobitouch’s team was full of youthful energy, experience, and innovative ideas.

    Filip Niedziela
    CEO at FoodCore

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