Back-end Development Services

The backend of an app refers to the server-side logic and functionality that enables the app to perform tasks, store data, and interact with other systems.

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Backend Web Development

Web applications are a friendly way to grab the attention of potential customers. They allow you to offer products and services while analyzing the behavior of users. This will help you better tailor your offer and methods of communication. And this is why the vast majority of applications need the back-end side. The back-end is responsible for storing and retrieving data, as well as handling the logic and interactions in the app which the interface does not show to the end-user. Data-driven decision-making is an important element in implementing your business strategy. In addition, web applications are scalable and can be easily updated, making the development of your business platform faster and cheaper.

During the development of web applications, but also mobile ones, two aspects are taken into account: back-end and front-end development. The back-end is the invisible part of the application or website that makes everything work as it should. The front-end development, on the other hand, is responsible for the visual layer.

Mobile App Backend Development

It’s important to remember that most web and mobile applications need the back-end side apart from the user-facing side. If your application includes a sign-up option, then you are sure to need a server-side layer where all the data will be saved, stored and used when needed. The optimistic news is that in the case of applications that have both a web and a mobile version, the backend is shared. That way changes on one platform can instantly be seen on the other.

Flutter Outsourcing Services

Back-end software development with mobitouch

We care about our customers' growth

We are a front and back end development company with a broad technology stack and an experienced team. Our developers use the latest and most scalable technologies to enable you to have more stable code and cheaper development in the future.

A predictable rhythm of cooperation

We work in sprints, completed with demos. This allows you to frequently verify the effects of the work and make changes during the project.

Secure technology

Our team specializes in creating backend in .NET. Therefore, you can build stable and secure systems based on Microsoft technologies with us.

What you can use the backend for

  • User registrations and logins
  • Routes traveled
  • News stories
  • User account edits
  • Databases
  • Security and access control
  • User authorization
  • Sending emails, scheduling and background processing
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We’re still not resting on our laurels

Back-end application development is quite a vast topic. But if you already have your expectations for the project specified, we can move on to pricing.

Creating browser application step-by-step


Discover and define

Only a holistic strategy guarantees the quality and consistency of the entire project.

  • Meetings and requirements
  • Analysis, data collecting
  • Functionality architecture
  • Project planning

Graphic design

Create engaging web experiences.

We follow your brand identity or help to create it from scratch.

  • Envision your customers’ mobile assets
  • User flow
  • Creating high-impact design
  • Digital prototyping


Beauty is nothing without brains.

We develop innovative, secure, and high-performance applications for web.

  • Technical Direction
  • Technical Specifications
  • Front-end & Back-end Development

Quality Assurance

Get-things-done attitude.

Our specialized in-house QA team does the review and testing of all the software we build.

  • Usability testing sessions
  • Code reviews
  • Bug fixing
  • Approval


Go live.

Improvement Measure & Update

Numbers, not guessing.

Making sure all changes are data-driven and keep on checking the  appearance and functionality. We make sure your audience gets the updates they’ve been looking for.

Our approach to the project

When creating web applications, we are guided by agile management. We work according to Scrum standards.


We determine the scope of the project and create a plan for completing it.


Next, we create a list of tasks and features to be implemented. Each stage of the work is precisely planned and verified, and the project is supervised by people who know all the goals of your product.


At this stage, we break the project into sprints, or short periods of work, each with a specific goal. Thanks to “sprints”, the mobile app is developed at a predictable rhythm.

Daily Standup

Each day Project Manager responsible for your project has a short meeting with a team to review progress and plan tasks for the day.


At the end of each sprint, we review the progress and retrospect on how to improve the process for the next sprint. If individual functionalities of the application are ready to implement, we do it immediately after your approval.

Let us introduce our backend development implementations

Itaka Hotele

Itaka is one of the most popular travel agencies in Poland. Established in 1989, the company is now a leader in organizing holidays and trips based on charter flights.

We prepared a fully responsive web app enabling advanced search and booking of accommodation in a selected hotel. The application provides a number of filters and hints that allow the user to include their individual preferences in the search results. Want to know more? Read the full case study.

Itaka Hotele
  • Mobitouch did an amazing job. I’m satisfied with the quality of their services and development skills. Also, they are reliable and manage communication perfectly. I fully recommend mobitouch as an IT partner!

    Michał Kuriata
    IT Project Manager at Nowa Itaka sp. z o.o.
  • Mobitouch delivered an excellent iOS and Android mobile app under tight timelines and we are very pleased with the final outcome of our product. We are happy to have worked with such a great team and we are excited to continue working with them on new ideas for our mobile app.

    Tomasz Kopacz
    CEO at Meetface S.A.
  • At every stage of implementation, we knew that we could count on the support and knowledge of professionals. Thanks to the well-designed UX and UI, as well as the use of the latest technologies, Opensport24 definitely outperforms competitive solutions.

    Tomasz Stec
    President of the Board at Opensport24

We believe that good design and development are the ones that work best on all devices and every resolution.

Frontend development

One of the main digital project’s components is front-end development. It is responsible for the graphical interface of the app. It enables users to not only view your app but also interact with it.

Mobile app development

Let’s think big! As a software development house, we also offer both app and web development. Catchy design, responsiveness, and handy usage will help your digital product skyrocket.

Outsourcing IT

Don’t worry about recruiting a group of developers. We will build a team devoted to your company. Select specialists for your team and undertake cooperation even for a short period.

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