Mobile App MVP Development

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How to create a mobile app even with a limited budget?

We realize that creating a mobile app is a big expense, especially if there are risks associated with bringing a new product to the market. That’s why we create MVPs for startups – apps that allow you to test your business idea, reducing development costs.

MVP development is a good option if you want a mobile app in a short period of time. This type of project often relies on off-the-shelf solutions that take less time and budget than those created from scratch.

Need to accelerate the launch moment in your startup? We will create for you a
mobile app for Minimum Viable Digital Product, equipped with the most important functionalities and user-friendly design.

Mobile app MVP development

Why and when to choose the MVP mobile app?

Startup mobile app development is a solution that saves a lot of money and time. Tech companies create MVPs to quickly test the product in real market conditions. This allows you to get feedback from the first users. For this reason, you can better understand their needs and expectations.

After testing the MVP, you can start working on the full version of the mobile app. This reduces the risk of a large investment at the beginning and spreads the cost over a longer period of time. It will also allow you to explore new ideas for the app’s functionality.

Mobile App MVP Development Services

Startup mobile app development process

  1. First, we need to discuss your concept for the product. This will help us understand the needs and logic behind the mobile app for a Minimum Viable Product. We will also analyze the target audience and possible technologies to offer you the best solutions.
  2. Next, we encourage you to participate in Product Discovery Workshops. This is the moment when we discuss the functionalities, design, amount of work, and costs.
  3. When we know all the details, we start designing the UX prototype, add the visual UI layer, and proceed to coding. Then, it’s time for testing and… launching the product on the market!
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Mobitouch is the right mobile app development company for startups

Our customers' growth is our priority

We use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the reliability, safety and cost-effectiveness of future development through advanced technological tools.

Quick implementation of the project

We have great designers and software engineers in our team. The use of ready-made, well-fitted solutions speeds up our work.

Knowledge of startups environment

We are a startup mobile app development company and have completed many projects for tech companies from all over the world. Just like you, we were once a startup as well.

We create cross-platform mobile applications

We develop apps for multiple platforms. That's why you can entrust us with developing an app for Android, iOS or Huawei.

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Stages of creating a new mobile app

Define the problem with us


Make an appointment with us for a free consultation. Together we will identify the main problem, research the target group and analyze the needs of customers.

Range of MVP


We will help you determine the scope of the MVP and advise on the best solutions so that your project can be created on time.

Product Discovery Workshops


If you need it, you can take advantage of product discovery workshops to dive even deeper into your vision and analyze all possible solutions that will make your product even better than you expected.

Book a workshop

Developing an MVP


Now it’s our turn. Within a few weeks, we create an effective and functional MVP for you.

Test and iterate, then launch the product


It’s done. Now you can test the MVP with the target audience and collect feedback. Implement the changes from the feedback to the MVP and launch the final product.

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Find the answers

What is the minimum viable product (MVP)? Is minimum viable product a prototype?

A minimum viable product is a preliminary form of outcome that an entrepreneur can introduce to the customers. The startup MVP approach allows you to see the core functionality of your project, stripped from any additional functions. Realizing MVP is a common way to assess the market. With positive feedback, the final product can emerge from a minimum viable product. The key feature of MVP is spending a minimal amount of resources to create a functional prototype of your project.

What is the minimum viable product (MVP) definition?

Commonly used definition of the MVP:

“The Minimum Viable Product is a version of a new product that allows a team to learn as much about customer needs and preferences as possible (validated learning) with the least amount of effort”.

Basically, the idea is to create a product that can be released as quick as possible. It needs to be a market fit. For example, this can be a mobile or web application.

How to do a minimum viable product?

Common steps taken by anyone planning the MVP projects are:

-Find out what problem are you tackling and the target group it will help.
-Conduct a thorough analysis of your potential competition.
-Specify the User Flow: for example in sales it will be the straight way to your main goal: find the product, buy the product, manage shipment, and receive the product.
-Define the key features of your product and prioritize their development.
-After you complete all of the above, you can send your project to development. After, you need to test it in an adequate environment and learn from your mistakes.

How long does it take to build the MVP (minimum viable product)?

Startup mobile app companies usually develop MVP projects in a matter of several weeks. Typically, the back-end part of the programming takes most of that time. It is crucial to understand the nature of the IT software development process. The scope of the project determines the length of the work. In the end, the duration of your MVP development depends strictly on its characteristics. The key element is to divide your needs into logical parts and develop them accordingly.

Is minimum viable product (MVP) important?

First and foremost, the MVP approach gives you a unique opportunity to test your concepts. When you build a startup company, it is crucial to determine your actual target group. Thanks to the startup MVP solution we can offer, you can easily find your potential customers, simply by analyzing the most active users of your product. After you identify the valuable information about your project, you can lay out a plan with key features you need to add to your MVP. This process can continue until the product is complete or throughout its whole life of it.

The second vital benefit of a minimum viable product is rapid release. This will help you to catch a quickly changing and evolving market

Market demand verification by implementing the MVP can deliver valuable data about the product. Testing UX and UI designs repeatedly will help you with that.

Additionally, a minimum viable product has an educational character. People like to avoid any rapid changes. Startup MVP will allow your team to learn about the changes and accept them.

Is the MVP suitable for website projects?

Startup MVP companies must rely on innovative solutions. One of them is an MVP website, which initiates the production process. In other words, it is a visual representation of the website without the full functionality. Building that kind of website saves you a great deal of time, in comparison to the traditional approach. After launching your MVP, you can continue to develop your project, with an already functioning website. Thanks to MVP you will continue to learn about your venture. Therefore, its evolution and upgrade will become fuller and more accurate. Overall, this approach will save you money, time, and resources, in addition to creating a product suitable for customer needs.

Is the MVP suitable for app projects?

Creating an app is not a small operation. It is not easy to build or maintain. This is why many organizations, especially startup mobile app companies, choose MVP projects. The biggest risk of developing an app is disappointing user download and retention rates. Whether you are looking for a new mobile app or SaaS, the MVP is a perfect way to test your idea in a low-risk environment. All in all, it will safeguard you from creating a completely redundant app and help to achieve your ultimate goal.

Can you improve the MVP after its launch?

Startup MVP projects do not halt the process of development after the launch. You can obtain the benefits from it for the later stages of development. Also, the minimum viable product can be used as a tool for market research. This will help you with a deeper understanding of your customer needs. Later on, refreshing the features of your product will allow you to take advantage of the newest technologies. Thanks to that you will create better features for the final product.