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Startup web app development

Introducing a new digital product to the market can be a big investment and carry a high financial risk. To mitigate it, we develop MVPs for startups. They allow you to test your business idea while reducing development costs.

MVPs are an excellent option if you need a web application quickly. They often rely on ready-made solutions that take less time and budget than building everything from scratch.

At mobitouch, we specialize in developing web applications for startups. We offer end-to-end services from idea, through design, programming and testing to launching of the application.

Mvp web app

Why and when is an MVP web app a good idea?

Creating a web app for a Minimum Viable Product is a great way to save both time and money in a startup. It enables you to quickly test your product and get feedback from initial users. This information can help you better understand what users want and expect from your application.

Once you’ve tested your web MVP, you can start building the full version of the application. By doing so, you reduce the risk of a large investment at the beginning and spread the costs over a longer period of time. Moreover, this gives you the opportunity to explore new ideas for the product’s functionality.

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Web development process for a startup

Before we start working on the application, we talk about your idea and research the market. This helps us understand your application’s goals for the business and the end-user.

As the next step, we suggest participating in Product Discovery Workshops. These can be held online or in our office. During the workshops we explore how to make your idea a reality: we discuss the most vital functionalities, the overall design of the application and together we choose the most suitable technologies. This is the moment to summarize all the guidelines and estimate the costs.

Then, we develop the app following best practices in coding. We regularly share with you the progress made. We value great communication. Before handing over the app, we test it to make sure there are no bugs. At this point, it’s ready to be launched to the market.

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Mobitouch is the right web development company for startups

We facilitate the growth of our customers

We utilize state-of-the-art tools and technologies to ensure the safety, and cost-effectiveness of future development.

Quick implementation of the project

For faster finalization of the project, we utilize ready-to-use, suitable frameworks and plug-ins.

Knowledge of startups environment

Our team consists of experienced developers and designers with numerous projects for startups in various industries. In addition, we've been a startup ourselves.

Best technology for startup web development

Application security and performance are key. That's why we use the most up-to-date and scalable technologies for MVP development, including JavaScript, React and Next.js.

Develop a web MVP with us. Reach out to our specialists

Stages of creating a new web app

Define the problem with us
Range of MVP
Product Discovery Workshops
Developing an MVP
Test and iterate, then launch the product
  • Define the problem with us

    Make an appointment with us for a free consultation. Together we will identify the main problem, research the target group and analyze the needs of customers.

  • Range of MVP

    We will help you determine the scope of the MVP and advise on the best solutions so that your project can be created on time.

  • Product Discovery Workshops

    If you need it, you can take advantage of product discovery workshops to dive even deeper into your vision and analyze all possible solutions that will make your product even better than you expected.

    Book a workshop

  • Developing an MVP

    Now it’s our turn. Within a few weeks, we create an effective and functional MVP for you.

  • Test and iterate, then launch the product

    It’s done. Now you can test the MVP with the target audience and collect feedback. Implement the changes from the feedback to the MVP and launch the final product.

We’re still not resting on our laurels

  • Their team is highly responsive and easy to reach during the development. This made our collaboration really smooth and professional. Mobitouch took an extra care about communicating the project’s progress – and that approach really paid off!

    Dorota Konefał
    Senior Team Leader at AskMedNow
  • We’ve never had any issues in terms of meeting deadlines and communicating. They respond to every issue very fast, in every part of the day and they figure out a solution for all of our questions. The mobitouch team has been involved in every level of digital product development.

    Kamil Zowczak
    CEO & Co-Founder at Epinote
  • Mobitouch did an amazing job. I’m satisfied with the quality of their services and development skills. Also, they are reliable and manage communication perfectly. I fully recommend mobitouch as an IT partner!

    Michał Kuriata
    IT Project Manager at Nowa Itaka sp. z o.o.

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What is the minimum viable product (MVP)? Is minimum viable product a prototype?

A minimum viable product is a preliminary form of outcome that an entrepreneur can introduce to the customers. The startup MVP approach allows you to see the core functionality of your project, stripped from any additional functions. Realizing MVP is a common way to assess the market. With positive feedback, the final product can emerge from a minimum viable product. The key feature of MVP is spending a minimal amount of resources to create a functional prototype of your project.

How to do a minimum viable product?

Common steps taken by anyone planning the MVP projects are:

-Find out what problem are you tackling and the target group it will help.
-Conduct a thorough analysis of your potential competition.
-Specify the User Flow: for example in sales it will be the straight way to your main goal: find the product, buy the product, manage shipment, and receive the product.
-Define the key features of your product and prioritize their development.
-After you complete all of the above, you can send your project to development. After, you need to test it in an adequate environment and learn from your mistakes.

How long does it take to build the MVP (minimum viable product)?

Startup mobile app companies usually develop MVP projects in a matter of several weeks. Typically, the back-end part of the programming takes most of that time. It is crucial to understand the nature of the IT software development process. The scope of the project determines the length of the work. In the end, the duration of your MVP development depends strictly on its characteristics. The key element is to divide your needs into logical parts and develop them accordingly.

Is the MVP suitable for website projects?

Startup MVP companies must rely on innovative solutions. One of them is an MVP website, which initiates the production process. In other words, it is a visual representation of the website without the full functionality. Building that kind of website saves you a great deal of time, in comparison to the traditional approach. After launching your MVP, you can continue to develop your project, with an already functioning website. Thanks to MVP you will continue to learn about your venture. Therefore, its evolution and upgrade will become fuller and more accurate. Overall, this approach will save you money, time, and resources, in addition to creating a product suitable for customer needs.

Is the MVP suitable for app projects?

Creating an app is not a small operation. It is not easy to build or maintain. This is why many organizations, especially startup mobile app companies, choose MVP projects. The biggest risk of developing an app is disappointing user download and retention rates. Whether you are looking for a new mobile app or SaaS, the MVP is a perfect way to test your idea in a low-risk environment. All in all, it will safeguard you from creating a completely redundant app and help to achieve your ultimate goal.

What is the risk to benefit ratio for the MVP?

Generally, the MVP projects can maximize the profit from it. They do not require a lot of investment funds. Additionally, the risk factor can be minimized. You will consequently acquire knowledge about the needs and behaviour of your customers. At the same time selling your MVP product can occur before the full completion of it. Furthermore, you will collect the benefits from the first draft of your product, while still figuring out the dos and don’ts of your vision. This could be a great return on investment.

Is the MVP (minimum viable product) the same as the MSP (minimum saleable product)?

The MSP is the product researched in terms of users and customer’s needs. Therefore, it is the product that customers are willing to pay for. It is a little more than a minimal marketable product. But it still not the end of the MVP because it needs further testing and verification.

Is the MVP (minimum viable product) the same as the “minimum product”?

It is not. The minimum viable product is not equal to the minimum product. The minimum product is a synonym for the very begging of your project. In other words, it is the product on the entry level. The main function of MP is solving one of the development problems. Launching the minimum product is not the same as testing your hypothesis (launching the MVP). A good example of that is Twitter. The minimum product was the ability to publish 160 characters. Additional features that made it into the MVP came later.