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Furgonetka BOX Partner
Furgonetka BOX Partner
Furgonetka BOX Partner

A mobile app with the AR module for locating spots for new parcel machines

Furgonetka.pl is a leading logistics operator in Poland, bringing together the most popular carriers. The website offers a wide range of courier services, providing companies and individuals with fast and low-cost shipping.

  • Dart Development
  • Native code iOS
  • Native code Android
  • AR Core & AR Kit SDK
  • Advanced 3D Models
  • Security & Support

Due to the dynamic development of the network of parcel machines, the Furgonetka team needed a modern tool thanks to which their current and potential partners could easily submit their proposals for the location of new machines. Finding the right location for placing such machines has been a real challenge for the company from the very beginning because of a number of factors, e.g. the business potential of a given location, accessibility for future users, or the possibility of placing the machine in a given area. Therefore, Furgonetka decided to put some of these activities directly into the hands of private individuals and companies interested in cooperating and renting attractive locations. To achieve this goal, the company decided on the use of augmented reality. The application needed to be very simple and intuitive, and at the same time attractive, so that users would be happy to use this solution and submit their suggestions for potential locations. In addition to the use of the AR technology, the company was also looking for solutions that would enable a relatively quick creation of the application.

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We created a modern and easy-to-use mobile application with the AR module. Thanks to the analysis carried out by our team, the use of the application is limited to a simple operation in which the user directs the camera of their smartphone towards the desired place and selects the type of parcel machine that is optimal for the location. During this process, the user is guided by pop-up “bubbles” that advise them and help in the proper placement of the 3D model of the parcel machine. This process ends with the completion of a short application form, in which a photo of the given location is attached along with the “placed” virtual parcel machine. Due to the relatively short duration of the project, our team decided to choose the Flutter technology, which allowed for quick development and creation of a product for both platforms (Android and iOS). When creating the application, we also used a geolocation tool that makes it easier to locate potential parcel lockers on the map. Thanks to the cooperation with the dataplace.ai company, we were also able to implement a functionality that allows users to conduct a business analysis of the submitted applications.

Furgonetka BOX Partner
Furgonetka BOX Partner
Furgonetka BOX Partner

Features used to empower the product.

AR technology

Helps with placing a 3D model of a parcel machine in a real location captured by the device's camera.

List of 3D models

Provides the user with access to many types and models of parcel machines.

In-app advisor

Guides users through the entire process of submitting a potential location.
Download the app
Available for iOS and Android

Mobitouch is a team of skilled professionals that understand AR technology well. They helped us with every step of the development process. They think outside of the box. Therefore, the final product is even better than we hoped for!

Furgonetka BOX Partner
Marta Gaińska
Operations Manager at Furgonetka.pl

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