How can ChatGPT improve Your Digital Product

The revolution of Artificial Intelligence cannot be stopped, and you may be wondering how to leverage its powerful capabilities. One example could be the implementation of Azure OpenAI (ChatGPT) as an assistant for generating substantive content and providing intelligent suggestions in your application. This is a significant benefit for users, as AI becomes their trusted companion, enhancing productivity while saving time and effort.

Michał Cal
Head of Growth
Top 10 Apps Made in Flutter

Top 10 Flutter Apps

Flutter is an open-source toolkit created by Google and it is designed to create native and cross-platform mobile applications, as well as web and desktop apps. 

Alex Witko
Flutter Developer
Top Advantages of M-commerce For Businesses in The Travel Sector

Top Advantages of M-commerce For Businesses in The Travel Sector

Mobile commerce is currently disrupting one industry after another. The travel and hospitality sector is no exception to this trend. The cost of developing mobile apps has dropped down, and businesses across many different industries are now investing in digital products like retail apps, business apps, and e-commerce apps.

Robert Chudy, PhD
Head of Communications
4 Ways IoT Will Revolutionize Marketing Communications

IoT in Marketing: 4 Ways Internet of Things Will Revolutionize Marketing Communications

Experts predict that by 2020, the installed base of Internet of Things devices will grow to nearly 31 billion globally. The IoT market is predicted to be worth more than one billion US dollars annually, starting from 2017.

Robert Chudy, PhD
Head of Communications
5 Ways Offline Retailers Can Use Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality in Retail: 5 Ways How Offline Retailers Can Use AR

Following the massive success of Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality (AR) has seen multiple applications across different industries. According to Tractica, by 2019 consumers will be using 2.2 billion augmented reality apps, with e-commerce and retail sectors being its most robust adapters. Augmented Reality is on its way to causing a profound transformation among retailers who use the technology to offer attractive shopping experiences and boost sales and customer loyalty. In fact, 41% of customers now expect AR access from retailers, which is why augmented reality in retail is such a hot topic these days.

Robert Chudy, PhD
Head of Communications