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What is Flutter?

Flutter is a new technology from Google, which we can use to create an application for devices with IOS and android operating systems. Applications that have been created with the help of Flutter behave virtually 100% identically on both operating systems. Their performance is very similar to the performance of native applications. Flutter consists of a framework that is necessary for the operation of the application and an SDK that is necessary for creating and building the application.

The most important advantage of Flutter technology is the ability to create applications simultaneously on the two most-common mobile operating systems (android and IOS). We write one code and receive two native applications. By using your own rendering engine, you can easily distribute the interface elements so that they display correctly on both platforms. All this allows you to optimize the programmer’s working time. Every day, Fluter is gaining more and more fans, and companies are increasingly investing in this technology. An example of this is the application that Google recently published with Alibaba. At present, over 50 million users are using the application.

When to use Flutter technology?

Flutter technology is an excellent choice for projects:

Mobile apps
Corporate in-house tools
Mobile games
Augmented Reality

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