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LMS system for creating video trainings for organizations

LearnGo is a platform dedicated to organizations that want to more efficiently provide knowledge and competences to their employees during onboarding and ongoing work.

Our goal was to create a Learning Management System, which would enable organizations to conveniently provide video training to their employees. The main priority for the application was the ease and convenience of use. We achieved this by introducing many useful functionalities as well as integration with Microsoft Teams and Slack.

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We created a practical tool which significantly optimizes processes related to employee training in organizations. The platform allows you to create training from scratch by dividing it into sections and modules, adding recordings, additional materials and quizzes. The most important advantage of LearnGO is its friendly look and intuitive way of use for both the administrator and the user.

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Functionalities thanks to which the product achieved its goal.

Price alerts

Ease of creating video training based on your own materials and those from the web.


Adding quizzes with a possibility of video explanations helps users better understand the topic.

Automatic notifications

Depending on the company's culture, users receive notifications through the most convenient channel for them: e-mail, MS Teams, Slack.


Competition is good for motivation. The ranking allows you to compare your progress with other users
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Our implementations of tailor-made software.

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