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Taste Creator- create unique dishes with the help of AI

SmartChef is a revolutionary application that brings together the worlds of cooking and creativity, using artificial intelligence to generate culinary recipes. The SmartChef AI app is an indispensable kitchen companion for both experienced and novice chefs looking for new cooking ideas.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Flutter Development
  • Azure OpenAI Service
  • GPT 4
  • DALL·E
  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Firebase

Our task was to design and develop a mobile application that operates entirely based on artificial intelligence. Both recipe content and accompanying dish photos were to be generated by AI. In addition to the mobile app, there was also a need for an administrative panel.

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The result is a truly innovative tool that utilizes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solutions to create unique culinary recipes. You can generate them in a flash: simply select a few ingredients you’d like to use, specify additional options such as difficulty level, cooking time, the possibility of using ingredients from outside of the preferred list, or define dietary preferences (vegan, keto, paleo). The application creates a handful of recipes in the blink of an eye and includes an illustrative photo of the dish, also generated by AI. Users can add recipes to their favorites, saving time on searching for tried-and-tested dishes. Thanks to the SmartChef app, users can create their own fully personalized cookbook. We developed the app using the cross-platform Flutter technology. We used Firebase for the server-side part, Azure OpenAI Service for recipe descriptions and DALL·E for dish images.

In addition to the mobile app, we also created an admin panel for managing users, categories, and ingredients. With the AI module, the app administrator can monitor user activities and their recipes for analytical purposes.

smartchef mobile app
SmartChef mobile app
SmartChef Mobile App

Functionalities thanks to which the product achieved its goal.



Recipe Personalization

Data Analysis

Quick Recipe Creation

Simply choose a few ingredients you want to use for your dish, select additional options such as difficulty level, time, or specify dietary preferences, and you’re done!

SmartChef mobile app

Administrator Panel

Administrator tool that enables administrators to manage users, food products, and their categories. It also allows for the analysis of user activities and their recipes. This provides administrators with valuable data about user preferences and changing trends.”

smartchef mobile app

Personal Cookbook

Users can create their own personalized cookbook, comprising their favorite recipes.

Recipe Personalization

The app allows for setting dietary preferences or allergies upfront. This eliminates the need to input them every time you want to generate a recipe.

smartchef mobile app

Simple, Enjoyable, and Personalized Culinary Recipe Creation in 4 Steps

smartchef mobile app

1 step

Choose the time and difficulty level.

2 step

Select the meal type and main ingredients.

3 step

Specify additional preferences, such as dietary restrictions, the option to use ingredients not listed, or any extra instructions (e.g., no frying).

4 step

Your recipe's ready! It's got everything you need: a photo of the dish, a list of ingredients, and a step-by-step instruction. You can add the recipe to your favorites for easy access in the future. If it doesn't suit your taste, no worries! You can generate more recipes based on the selected preferences.

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