Mobile App

A mobile application thanks to which users can conveniently obtain a loan

Cream is a mobile app that allows you to conveniently connect your bank accounts and easily apply for a cash loan at a selected bank.

  • Dart development
  • native code iOS/Android
  • API integration
  • verification of personal documents (onfido library)
  • push notifications
  • security & support

Our objective in this project was to develop and prepare a mobile application that allows users to connect their bank accounts (through open banking) and apply for a loan directly from the application.

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Our tasks were primarily to prepare the home screen with a dashboard, as well as the account aggregation function, i.e. a service that allows you to collect all information from bank accounts in one place. An additional challenge was also to create a loan overview function (active and past loans, payment plans) so that the user had an overview of their finances at all times.

Ultimately, we created an advanced application available for iOS and Android platforms. We used the Flutter technology, thanks to which we significantly shortened the time of development, which was very important to our client. Such a choice of technology allowed us to apply many advanced solutions and functions. With the implementation of the application, users gained new opportunities to obtain and manage their funds.


Features used to empower the product

Convenient connection of bank accounts

The user has access to information about their bank accounts in one place

Loan history

Possibility of obtaining a quick cash loan with a repayment schedule and history of previous loans

Their development work was really of high quality.

Matteo Filippo Chiarini
Senior Product Manager at

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