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Personal Finance

A mobile application for controlling the household budget

Billy Plus is a mobile application that allows you to easily control your household budget. It is the only application on the market that, in addition to synchronization with a bank account, also allows you to take photos of receipts for purchased products and services, and their content is analyzed and assigned to appropriate categories, so you can control expenses in detail.

  • Dart development
  • iOS/Android native code
  • ML Kit
  • push notifications
  • security and support

Our objective in this project was to develop and prepare new functionalities for the existing Billy application and to prepare a new Billy Plus solution. The new application was supposed to have all the functionalities of the previous version of the application, but the most important goal was to create a more advanced reading of receipts. In the case of Billy Plus, the scanning was to be done with a video camera, and not with a photo camera as before.

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The biggest challenge was to save photos locally between scanning them and the server’s response, then select the correct photo by the server, match and display the received data in accordance with the interpretation. To solve this, we created a mechanism for caching photos and assigning indexes to them, which we operated on during communication with the server.

We prepared new functionalities that have been implemented in the Billy application and we have created an advanced Billy Plus application for iOS and Android, written in Flutter technology. Both applications are perfectly adapted to the current customer needs.


We were most surprised by their professionalism and adaptation to any situation.

Maciej Hapke
CEO at group sp. z o.o.
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