5 Reasons why UK Companies Choosing Polish IT Outsourcing

5 Reasons why UK Companies Choose Poland for Software Development Outsourcing

If you looked at the global tech scene 20 years ago, you wouldn’t see Poland standing out for any technological achievements. Today, the country serves as one of the top software development outsourcing destinations for companies in Europe and the US.

Why is there so much hype about Polish software developers? Here are 5 good reasons why many UK companies choose to get software development outsourcing to Poland.

1. Quality of software development in Poland

Polish developers are known all over the world for their incredible coding skills. HackerRank placed Poland in the top three countries with the best programmers in the world. Polish teams regularly get the highest ranks at international programming contests like Google Code Jam or Microsoft Imagine Cup.

Some of the most interesting and innovative solutions presented at global hackathons come from Poland. With such talent on board, no wonder that Polish software development companies can deliver an unrivaled quality of work and value to their clients, and polish IT body leasing is so popular.

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2. Experience

Thanks to a strong emphasis on STEM areas in education, every year the Polish market is flooded with highly skilled developers. They can gain professional experience through meetups, workshops, and hackathons available at major tech hubs like Warsaw or Wroclaw – cities that also have a rich offering of entry-level positions where mentoring and growth are a priority.

Moreover, Polish developers get plenty of experience early on. According to HackerRank, more Polish developers start coding when they’re kids than they do in countries such as Germany, Russia, or Canada.

3. Proximity

Poland is located in the heart of Europe which guarantees proximity not only in terms of hours or miles but also mindset and culture. With a 1-hour time difference from the UK, collaborating with Polish developers is effortless. Managing daily calls and meetings is easy. Teamwork is a piece of cake.

But that’s also because of the many cultural similarities Poland shares with other Western countries. Polish developers are flexible, collaborative, and creative. They have similar expectations and habits regarding work culture. They know what success means and how to achieve it by following global standards and best practices in software development.

4. Communication

Needless to say, UK companies that team up with a Polish technology partner don’t need to worry about the language barrier. Poland always ranks high for English skills in the EF English Proficiency Index.

And it almost always ranks higher than other Central and Eastern European countries. For example, in 2018 Poland got the 13th location and Ukraine – a major rival in tech skills – only managed to land the 43rd place.

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5. Diversity

That one is an interesting point people rarely consider when talking about Polish developers: quite a few of them are women. Women make for a moderate fraction of the total number of developers – there are fewer female developers in France or Germany!

But when Polish women code, they’re good. HackerRank reports that Polish female developers are in the top three of the most skilled female programmers in the world. That’s another piece of solid proof that the country has a high level of education in STEM areas – not to mention the welcoming atmosphere of the local tech scene which is bursting with initiatives directed at women who want to code.

The takeaway about software development outsourcing

These 5 reasons make Poland an excellent location for IT body leasing. The high level of education combined with impressive skills and know-how make Polish developers one of the best tech partners in the world. Excellent command of English and cultural proximity is just the icing on the cake.

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