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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality often gets confused with Virtual reality (VR). Both technologies provide the experience through the 3D high-definition audio and video, but there’s a significant difference between them. VR is entirely immersive and places users into an isolated reality. AR is partly immersive as users can look around and through artificial objects of the expanded layer. In this way, AR technologies offer a whole new world of experiences and deliver to users’ immersive experiences. AR apps development services are increasingly popular with companies ranging from the retail and medical industry to education. With superimposing data directly onto the real objects, AR technology allows maximum unleash creativity and engage the users in very different ways!

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When to use Augmented Reality?

AR technology is an excellent choice for projects:

Medical Industry

Case study

We’re experienced in delivering Augmented Reality development services. Check out our latest AR project.



University of Information Technology and Management ordered a project dedicated for university candidates. With the use of Augmented Reality (AR), it offers an extension of printed material taking users into new era of broad information. Places with dedicated symbols grant access to a modern spectrum of knowledge, videos and pictures as well as virtual tours of the university.

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