Project e-commerce website
Year 2020
Client Heze Furniture
Industry furniture industry
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Front-end development
Back-end development

What kind of furniture are you looking for?


Our client’s previous e-shop was unstable and archaic. Heze Furniture needed a new quality, so they decided to refresh their image on the Internet, taking their services to a higher level and re-appearing in the e-commerce world. The client also needed a solution that would significantly automate the sales process.


We have created a modern and fully responsive online store for our client. Thanks to the new and intuitive design, the store’s customers can easily and quickly find their dream furniture and make a purchase in a convenient way. Due to the international nature of Heze Furniture’s activities, the website has also been multilingual. Particularly important was the migration of the company’s full offer from the previous version of the store, which was also supported by appropriate SEO activities.


Along with the implementation of the new website, the company’s employees gained an intuitive tool, thanks to which they can easily introduce new products and manage the content on the website. Selected sales processes, which previously required additional involvement, were also automated.

Technical scope

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Prestashop framework
  • jQuery
  • Integration with online payments
  • Security and support
heze.co.uk - website
heze.co.uk - website
heze.co.uk - website
heze.co.uk - website
heze.co.uk - website
heze.co.uk - website

Client's opinion

Experts perfectly understood our needs and, as a result, delivered a valuable product – a new online store, which has become an excellent communication and sales channel with our customers.

Ilona Hyz, Owner of Heze Furniture
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