Furgonetka BOX Partner

Project mobile app
Year 2021
Client Furgonetka.pl
Industry Courier services
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Flutter Development

Choose the perfect spot for the parcel machine!


The Furgonetka BOX Partner is an app used to locate spots for new parcel machines. It is an innovative approach to the problem. The locations of parcel lockers are not easy to identify. There are many factors related to this. One of the most important is the potential availability for customers. Therefore, it was very important to create an intuitive UI and UX design. It needs to encourage users. The Furgonetka BOX Partner had to use AR technology. Its operation needs to be very simple. Granting access to the smartphone’s camera needs to be simple. The next step is to reflect reality in the app itself. After that, the user would select the format of the parcel locker. The next step is to fill in the application form. Of course, all these activities need support from the application itself. Ultimately, the Furgonetka BOX Partner should analyse the potential business location.


This project required a combination of AR expertise and optimization of manufacturing costs. Therefore, we proposed Flutter technology. It is a hybrid technology that allows the creation of apps for both platforms (iOS and Android). We also introduced easy to read UI and intuitive UX. Camera access is easy – done with one click. In addition, the app needs a system for guiding the user through the entire process of reporting the location. The geolocation tool in the app helps with putting the parcel lockers on the map. Dataplace.ai provided the business analysis tool. It can assess the potential of the submitted location.

Technical scope


Flutter technology allowed us to rapidly develop an app for both platforms (iOS and Android). The design helps users with the swift process of submitting the potential locations for the parcel lockers. The app itself is user-friendly. It only requires aiming the camera at the chosen location and selecting the locker type. Each step is supported by the application advice system. The last step is a short submitting form and a picture of the location. An additional advantage is a tool that analyses the business potential of the submitted locations.

Key features

AR technology

Helps with placing a 3D model of a parcel machine in a real space captured by the device's camera.

List of 3D models

Provides the user with access to many types and models of parcel machines.

In-app advisor

Guides users through the entire process of submitting a potential location.

Business analysis tool

Built-in software that allows users to assess the business potential of the submitted locations.

Furgonetka - mobile app
Furgonetka - mobile app
Furgonetka - mobile app
Furgonetka - mobile app
Furgonetka - mobile app

Client's opinion

Mobitouch is a team of skilled professionals that understand AR technology well. They helped us with every step of the development process. They think outside of the box. Therefore, the final product is even better than we hoped for!

Marta Gaińska, Operations Manager Furgonetka
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