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What is ARKit 3 and Why is it a Breakthrough AR Technology?

What is ARKit 3 and Why is it a Breakthrough AR Technology?

At Apple’s annual WWDC developer conference, they recently revealed a brand new tool for AR technology. ARKit 3 is the latest version of the company’s set of developer tools for creating augmented reality applications on iOS.

Dawid Barniak
iOS Developer
5 Ways Offline Retailers Can Use Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality in Retail: 5 Ways How Offline Retailers Can Use AR

Following the massive success of Pokemon Go, Augmented Reality (AR) has seen multiple applications across different industries. According to Tractica, by 2019 consumers will be using 2.2 billion augmented reality apps, with e-commerce and retail sectors being its most robust adapters. Augmented Reality is on its way to causing a profound transformation among retailers who use the technology to offer attractive shopping experiences and boost sales and customer loyalty. In fact, 41% of customers now expect AR access from retailers, which is why augmented reality in retail is such a hot topic these days.

Robert Chudy, PhD
Head of Communications