Tech Team Extension

Why Tech Team Extension?

Tech Team Extensions offer you a great way to use external IT resources for the requirements of your firm. Our Business IT support services can give you access to specialists, without the need of hiring an in-house team. This service is not limited by any physical borders; thus, we can offer you an offshore software development team.

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Outsourcing IT is a solution for any company in need of additional manpower. With our IT experts, you can put that issues to bed. Expand your team now!

Retaining control without the problem of hiring

Recruiting full-time engineers can be a laborious process. Their onboarding, training, and setting in is a time-consuming process. The solution for you is business IT support services. They offer a rapid and efficient alternative to the traditional employment process. Also, with software development outsourcing, the matter of project management is solved in-house. With an experienced firm like us, you can have your new team up and running in no time!

Quicker market entry

Outsourcing software development companies, like our firm, save you a great deal of time on hiring and setup. Moreover, you can forward your additional manpower to singular projects in the same time frame. It basically allows more workload done with fewer resources spent. Besides that, IT support companies help you with dismissing the trouble concerning engineers shuffling their time between various projects. Saying that your team will be able to fully invest their time in the task at hand, with a great chance to finish it a lot quicker!

Higher levels of trust, partnership, and simplicity

IT outsourcing services allow your team to complete transparency and direct channels of communication. Furthermore, your core team will be complemented with the additional workforce in areas they need the support. That gives the opportunity to exchange experience, ideas, and know-how on problem-solving. This can also occur for the offshore software development groups. The result of that venture is an acquisition of a brilliant team and new knowledge for your in-house engineers!

IT outsourcing models suitable for your needs

Four types of Outsourcing IT solutions. If you want to take a closer look at that matter, visit our blog!

Project-based outsourcing

This specific model allows transferring most of the workload to the company that extends their business it support services to you. A team of your choosing will provide you with full solutions, without the need for control every step of the way. Nevertheless, you will be the main stakeholder of the project and maintain some dose of control over it. Our firm propose this option mainly for MVP projects

IT staff augmentation

This solution, based on the IT staff augmentation services, provides you with the ability to employ engineers from us and delegate their tasks directly. We will present you with several options from our team, so you can fully incorporate them into your work plan. Moreover, this option is ideal for both: supporting your in-house team or filling the gaps in external outfits.

Dedicated team

Part of our IT outsourcing service is an option of hiring a dedicated team, suitable for complex and lengthy projects. The composition of your group will be the reflection of the goals you strive to achieve. A dedicated team is a go-to option if your project requirements may vary over time.

IT body leasing

Mobitouch’s IT body leasing service transfers the responsibility of finding the best possible specialist to us. You can use their expertise in a very strict time frame and for specific tasks. We will provide you with the engineer of your choosing, ready to work. Besides that, the legal and technical background is also done on our end.

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