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What is React JS?

React JS is a JavaScript programming language library. It is most often used to create interfaces in web applications. React is a very convenient framework that is designed to make writing the view layer in applications as easy as possible. This framework was created by Jordan Walke, who is known as one of the Facebook programmers. React is often used as a tool for creating SPA (Single Page Application) applications. The most important feature of React JS is that it does not separate HTML, CSS and Java Script files from each other. All these elements are in one place. Thanks to this, it provides an intuitive model for building the application front. A few years ago React conquered the world of frontend and from that moment its popularity has been growing successively. With its help, services such as Netflix, PayPal, Imgur, Archive.org and Wallmart were created.

React JS works definitely fast against the background of its competition, and with its help you can build interesting and dynamic interfaces. Due to the lack of the MVC template and complicated patterns, you can quickly use this framework to build professional applications. React JS is supported and developed by, among others via Facebook, that’s why it will continue to be improved, strongly developed and updated in the future. React JS increases programmer’s productivity thanks to the possibility of reusing components at another level and easy management of updates.

When to use React JS?

React JS technology is an excellent choice for projects:

Web apps


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