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What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is the third-most popular Java Script framework that is ahead of React JS and Angular. This framework mainly focuses on the view layer. It is mainly used to build simple user interfaces, but also allows you to create advanced SPA-type applications (Single-Page Application).

Vue is ideal for small and large projects. In addition, it is a library that in a simple and transparent way combines the properties of the other two competitors. As with React, Vue.js is based on components and one-sided data flow. It also has simple templates and a clear syntax similar to Angular.

In our opinion, Vue JS is a framework that has the best features of Angular and React JS. He has many followers, and his growing popularity indicates that this is a framework that will be used more and more in the coming years. Although Vue is a relatively new framework, it develops at a very fast pace, and its community is getting bigger day by day.

In addition, Vue supports various types of animations, asynchronous components and server-side rendering. This has a very positive effect on the performance of applications in which the front is created using Vue.

When to use Vue.js?

Vue.js technology is an excellent choice for projects:

Web apps

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