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What is Native swift?

Swift is a programming language that was created by Apple to support their operating systems (OS, IOS, Ipad, watchOS and tvOS). It uses LLVM tools to compile programs. Swift is characterized by high-level structures built into the language. Has many upgrades to its predecessor (Objective-C) Swift is modeled on the simplicity of languages such as Python or Ruby.

Swift is very friendly to young programmers, and its code can be quoted as plain English. It has everything that a modern programming language should have and is very easy to learn and understand. It is fast and pleasant to use, and programming in it is very convenient. Due to low memory consumption and Automatic Reference Counting (ARC), the application written in Swift will not be very absorbent, which is useful especially if the application will grow in the future. Swift is still developing, but in a very easy and quick way, he managed to completely outclass Objective-C. It is the fastest developing programming language. Probably because one of the biggest giants of the electronics industry – Apple – is responsible for its development.

When to use Swift?

Swift technology is an excellent choice for projects:

iOS mobile apps
iOS mobile games
iOS in-house tools


We use a mix of open-source and licensed enterprise tools, constantly evolving our skills. Check what more we can do for your business.






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