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React Native is a framework developed by Facebook to streamline the mobile application development process. The programming platform enables the simultaneous building of applications for both Android and iOS, using JavaScript language. The distinguishing feature of the framework is the use of the so-called bridges to translate JavaScript into specific native components.

The cross-platform nature of the application – and thus one code instead of two, is a gain in time and money at the stage of product development and maintenance by one team of developers. The popularity of technology is growing every year, and companies from many industries benefit from the possibility of writing applications in React Native. They also include the giants of the Silicon Valley, including the already mentioned Facebook, Netflix, Skype and UberEats. Due to the growing demand for applications operating on several platforms, new technologies are being developed. React Native’s main rival in this area is Flutter, a framework from Google for developing Android and iOS apps that offer many similar features, including code sharing.

When to use React Native technology?

React Native technology is an excellent choice for projects:

Mobile apps
Corporate in-house tools
Mobile games
Augmented Reality

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