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What is Node JS?

Node JS is a cross-platform environment that allows you to run properly written JavaScript as backend technology. Thanks to this, we have access to the file system, and this gives us the ability to use JavaSript as a backend technology. What’s more, Node JS allows developers to create applications within one programming language. In addition, the platform gives us access to many modules and additional programming tools.

Node JS was created to maximally optimize application performance and scalability. Its most important advantage is the combination of backend and frontend in one programming language. All application code is written in JavaScript, which means that we are optimizing the working time that we would use. By installing Node JS we also have access to NPM (Node Package Manager). NPM has the best-in-class dependency resolution mechanism that can be used to automate the work of application development tools. Node JS is available on many platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linus, Solarius, FreeBSD, Open BSD, WebOS.

When to use Node JS?

Node JS technology is an excellent choice for projects:

Web apps back-end
Mobile apps back-end

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