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What is .NET?

.NET Framework is a programming platform created by the Microsoft giant. .NET technology allows creating applications compatible with many systems (not only from the Microsoft Windows family). .NET can also be used on Mac OS X, Solaris and Linux. It includes the CLR (Common Language Runtime) runtime environment and class libraries. This framework is responsible for creating software that works fully on the Internet server (IIS) side. Microsoft constantly supports the development of the .NET Framework by providing a free Software Developer Kit and access to a complex development environment called Visual Studio. The languages supported by Visual Studio include C #, Visual Basic, C ++, JScript, F #. There are also other compilers for the .NET platform that support other programming languages, e.g. J #, Pascal, SmallTalk and COBOL.

The main advantage of .NET is its “portability”. A programmer who uses this environment can write his code using his preferred programming language. It has, for example, C #, C ++, F #, Visual Basic and much much more. The languages used to write programs for the .NET platform (e.g. the increasingly popular C #) have been developed so that many errors can be detected at the building level. The programmer can completely transfer the problems related to memory management to the operating system .NET Framework has a rich library of components, which greatly facilitates the writing of complex applications.

When to use a .Net technology?

.Net technology is an excellent choice for projects:

Web apps
Windows apps

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