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What is Java?

Java is one of the fastest, safest and least reliable software programming languages. The popularity of the Java language was largely determined by its versatility. It is the most universal language, and applications written in Java can be found on virtually any device. The Android system, which currently has about 75% share on the market of mobile devices, works in the Java environment, which gives the opportunity to freely create applications and games for this operating system.

Java has a large number of ready-made libraries that facilitate and significantly speed up the creation of new applications. Well-designed libraries and tools significantly improve the speed and performance of created software and help conveniently create graphical application interfaces. They allow for quick error searching and control over code maintenance. In projects, you can import, among others, many packages supporting the creation of applets, GUI components or special utility classes. Well thought out and designed libraries and tools make it easy for programmers to conveniently create graphical application interfaces. They significantly improve the speed and performance of the created software. In addition, Java is “portable”, ie it can be run on any equipment and on any system on which it has been installed.

When to use Java technology?

Java technology is an excellent choice for projects:

Mobile apps
Corporate in-house tools
Mobile games
Augmented Reality


We use a mix of open-source and licensed enterprise tools, constantly evolving our skills. Check what more we can do for your business.






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