What matter the most in apprenticeship is craftsmanship! (part 2)

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17/01/2019 Interview

Which technologies are worth studying? How to prepare well for apprenticeships and is the knowledge gained during them useful? – this is what, among others, Bartek and Oskar talk about in the second part of the interview.

Robert Chudy: One of you programming in front-end technology and the other in the back-end. Where did your choices come from?

Bartek Hajder: I love art in every form. My personality, aesthetic sense, and artistic imagination make me create something that is supposed to attract the eye and be useful and pleasant to interact with. Hence the Front-end.

Oskar Bzdoń: It came about very naturally. I have known since my middle school that I will be a programmer. I really like science, my mind is more logical than aesthetic. I must admit that I was always more interested in efficiency than effectiveness. I started learning programming from C ++, hence the transition to C#, and then to all .NET technology.

Which technologies would you like to learn in the future? Which technologies do you think are worth studying?

Oskar: They say that a good programmer learns all his life. I would not want to be left behind when it comes to the latest and dynamically developing technologies. Cross-platform applications are my priority now. The mobile world is much larger than the desktop one, and most people prefer to use a convenient application on the phone, especially outside their homes. I think that my next step will be Blockchain – it’s time to get interested, because soon this technology will be the standard.

Bartek: Currently, I consolidate my knowledge in the ES6 language and the React JS framework with the whole ecosystem and React Native for mobile applications. I’m also interested in design and UX. I spend a lot of time designing interfaces and advertising materials. In the future, I intend to approach other javascript frameworks. There is also Vue.js on the horizon, but there is still a long way to go.

Bartek, this was your second apprenticeship in mobitouch. How would you asses it from the perspective of time – was the knowledge you gained during the previous apprenticeship useful?

Bartek: The second apprenticeship in mobitouch was slightly different than the first one. During my first apprenticeship, I had the opportunity to test my skills by building a static web page from scratch, and in the second project I got a ready website and had to plug it into the CMS system. I did not know PHP then, and the task required its use. On this year’s apprenticeship, I got to build a website from A to Z. From structure through style and animation, CMS system and publishing the project on the Internet. It was my first major project that saw the light of the day! I also learned to work in the SCRUM methodology and started working on the application to React JS in cooperation with Oskar, who wrote the API in .NET. I think that all this knowledge and working on the real project turned out to be extremely helpful for all the projects that I have recently carried out, either as part of my pastime or as freelancer gigs.

If you were to point out the most important thing you have learned during apprenticeship, what would it be?

Bartek: A confrontation with the real projects and working in a professional team gave a lot of experience and opened the mind to a bunch of important details. As for the technological aspect – I have learned to create templates for the CMS system, in JS and ES6 I have consolidated my knowledge by using it in real projects and I already feel confident in these technologies.

Oskar: I learned a very wise sentence: “One hour spent on planning the project saves three hours of programming”. In other words, I learned how to work on a bigger project, divide it into smaller tasks and bring each of them to the end. I can safely say that this is a more effective solution than writing a chaotic code.

Have you been challenged by the tasks prepared by our mentors?

Bartek: I considered these tasks a good challenge. It was nice to see that what I already know is useful in a given project and it was equally nice to see what else I need to improve to solve an issue or overcome a difficulty.

Oskar: I have to admit that at the beginning quite a lot. When, together with Bartek, we got the mock-up of the project, I did not know how to get it started. I’ve never done this type of gig before. Fortunately, thanks to our mentors, I quickly immerse in the project.

What advices would you give to people who are about to start an apprenticeship?

Bartek: It’s good to know something when you start your first apprenticeship. It is easier to start from a certain level of craftsmanship and to carry out a given project during the apprenticeship instead of polishing the basics.

Oskar: Do not be afraid of challenges. When you go to the apprenticeship, remember that you go there to learn something. Do not be afraid to ask for help whenever you have a problem.

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Bartek Hajder, a final grade student in the technical college in Leżajsk, a front-end programmer. Passionate about music and folklore. He plays instruments: guitar, bass, keyboards, double bass. He runs his own folklore band. He likes to play volleyball with friends, and in the evenings drink a cup of good tea and watch a scientific film or read about technology. After school, he plans to study Computer Science in the specialization of Internet and Mobile Technologies.

Oskar Bzdoń, a final grade student at the Technical Schools Complex in Leżajsk, specializing in Information Technology and a .NET Developer. After school, he plans to study probably in Rzeszów. However, apart from studying, he does not want to be idle – he thinks of studying over weekends and look for a job for weekdays.

Robert Chudy
Robert Chudy
Head of Communications

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