What matter the most in apprenticeship is craftsmanship! (part 1)

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19/12/2018 Interview

A few days ago, we got a visit from Bartek and Oskar, who were on apprenticeships in our company. We decided to use this opportunity and question them closely! Young devs talk about what they have learned in mobitouch, whether it was difficult and what advice they would give to future apprentices.

Robert Chudy: You spent a few weeks with us, what are your impressions?

Bartek Hajder: Positive! It was already my second apprenticeship and I admit that it’s a great feeling when you come back to the office after a year and a lot of people remember you and greet you warmly.

Oskar Bzdoń: Very positive. I was surprised by the nice, almost friendly vibe. We felt like full-fledged employees. For example: every week we had a conversation summarizing our progress at work, just like everyone else!

What surprised you the most?

Bartek: PEOPLE! There are no such positive, creative and open people in any other industry. And stereotypes about introverted and focused-on-computer-screen-only programmers are just a tissue o lies!

Oskar: I agree, certainly the vibe. I was expecting a corporation with hard discipline, and I came across a group of cordial people with a good sense of humor. Surprise!

After the apprenticeship, can you admit that you like the job of a software developer?

Bartek: It’s really fine. Thanks to the fact that we implement projects for clients from various industries, the job is not as monotonous as it may seem. Especially working in a small and harmonious group is quite pleasant experience.

Or maybe you have imagined this job differently before you started the apprenticeship?

Oskar: It was not my first contact with teamwork. At programming marathons, we implemented to some extent methodology of working in groups. However, each of us was just an amateur and we did not have any mentor who would help keep us on the right track. It was only the apprenticeship that aided me understanding better the job of the IT development team.

How do you recall working with our developers was like?

Bartek: I was surprised that the guys could always take a moment to come and give a clue when assistance was needed. Sometimes I was thinking about a problem all day long, when the solution turned out to be trivial. It is worth asking experienced people in such moments.

Oskar: Very nice, they treated us like colleagues and they always found time to help us or to explain any issues to us. During lunch breaks, they would ask us how we were doing with the project, they advised us and they were thinking about solutions with us.

If you were to point out a particular flashback related to mobitouch, what would it be?

Bartek: Such tiny things like card games in the kitchen, or the NERF shooting in the open space created cool memories. For sure I will remember it for a long time as a great fun. I also remember the exactly first day in mobitouch 2 years ago. At the beginning I had a very useful training – how to use a coffee machine!

Oskar: I also remember playing NERF the most. And ordering pizza to work. I must also admit that I was surprised by the system of checking the availability of the toilet with a light sensor. I think I will have something like that installed at my home one day!

The second part of the conversation with Bartek and Oskar is coming soon!

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Bartek Hajder, a final grade student in the technical college in Leżajsk, a front-end programmer. Passionate about music and folklore. He plays instruments: guitar, bass, keyboards, double bass. He runs his own folklore band. He likes to play volleyball with friends, and in the evenings drink a cup of good tea and watch a scientific film or read about technology. After school, he plans to study Computer Science in the specialization of Internet and Mobile Technologies.

Oskar Bzdoń, a final grade student at the Technical Schools Complex in Leżajsk, specializing in Information Technology and a .NET Developer. After school, he plans to study probably in Rzeszów. However, apart from studying, he does not want to be idle – he thinks of studying over weekends and look for a job for weekdays.

Robert Chudy
Robert Chudy
Head of Communications

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