Is Flutter a Suitable Technology for an MVP Project? – Interview with Filip Niedziela, the Founder of Foodcore

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19/11/2021 Wywiad, Startup

Many startups face difficulties regarding technology choice for their project. It is vital to choose wisely. In the later phases of the development, this choice will dictate the success of the business idea. The selection process is not an easy task. Especially when you consider the multitude of options regarding technological solutions present in today's market.

Nevertheless, any startup founder should strive for the best solution in the desired business. Chosen technology should minimize costs and maximize the quality of the digital product. It is vital in the early stages of development. The ideal way forward is a Lean MVP approach and suitable technology that synchronizes with this approach. Why should you use Flutter on this occasion? We asked about it our partner – Filip Niedziela, owner of the FoodCore mobile app.

Nizar Haldys: What is the main purpose of the FoodCore app?

Filip Niedziela: FoodCore is an intelligent nutrition assistant. It aims to fill the market niche regarding that subject. Many people go through a variety of specialists like doctors, nutritionists, allergists, etc. In the end, they can find out about the foods they should avoid or include in their diets. Unfortunately, acquiring that kind of knowledge from a single expert is virtually impossible. This is the problem that FoodCore is fixing for our customers. Anyone with food allergies and intolerances can find foods suitable for them. And we are talking about the products easily found in the shops. The app allows you to scan the code from the product and display information about nutritional facts. Thanks to that, the user will choose the products consistent with their needs.

Nizar: Where did you find the inspiration for such an app?

Filip: I have found about this problem because I have food allergies myself. Every time I am shopping, I lose time because of checking every label thoroughly. And this is all just for finding a suitable product for me. Failing to do so will result in the collapse of my health. Looking for the alternative version for the verified product consumes even more time. That is why I wanted to find the solution for this. Easy way to inspect which products are good or bad for me. All this without the need of picking up every single item. Moreover, the product’s nutritional facts vary monthly, so it is difficult to monitor the changes without the help of technology. FoodCore is an app helping with everyday life. Not only for me but for everybody with similar problems. Furthermore, anyone who wants to exclude something from their diet can easily use this app. So the target group of my product can expand over time.

Nizar: You have started from building MVP. Why is that?

Filip: FoodCore is useful for me and a small group of my friends. That does not make it a groundbreaking solution. We do not know if it will gain popularity in broader audiences. Moreover, subjective opinions about the product I created myself can be far from reality. It can be exposed painfully by the market situation. This is why we have decided to build the MVP. The main benefit of this approach is the feedback from the first users. Furthermore, my MVP allowed me to introduce FoodCore to a few people who can be investors in the future. Now I have a small community around the product and the network of partners.

Nizar: Why did you choose Flutter technology for your MVP project?

Filip: We did not know much about Flutter at the beginning. But thanks to mobitouch’s experts we decided to use it. It turned out to be a great choice. Flutter allows creating an app for iOS and Android at the same time. It helps with saving time and decreasing the costs of the app. Choosing Flutter gave us the possibility to address other important issues regarding the project. Of course, because of the time-saving. The rest of the spared time went towards MVP testing.

Nizar: How does the MVP building process look?

Filip: In the first stage, we have prepared our detailed vision of the product and mockups. This helped us to integrate the idea with your team. Then the UX/UI design started to emerge. It showed us the final structure of the FoodCore project. When the graphics finished their job, the programming started. From this point, we only suggested small changes and improvements to the app. I have to admit that the MVP development process was perfect. Feedback from your specialist was swift. Also, the timetable was on point. You have proved that this should be the standard for all of the MVP projects. The team knew that we were on the clock. They worked as fast as they could. Mobitouch was recommended to us by our partners. They proved to be everything they said and more.

Is Flutter a Suitable Technology for an MVP Project?

Nizar: What were the other challenges during the development process? Apart from the MVP building part.

Filip: The biggest challenge was acquiring access to the food product database. Thankfully we were able to start a partnership with the top provider of that information. This will help with keeping the data actual in FoodCore. The other challenge was implementing A.I. to our app. Its task is to learn the preferences and the issues of the users. After that, FoodCore will help them to choose the best foods for them.

Nizar: Can you give me some insight into your plans and the expansion of FoodCore?

Filip: The first funds for the app came from internal resources. Nevertheless, we would like to get more market share. That is why we are looking for some external financing. In our case is the program 1.1.2 POPW from UE funds. Additionally, we are in talks with investment founds who are willing to help us with FoodCore. Furthermore, we are looking forward to adding more functionalities to the app. We are striving to build the best food assistant app on the market. We plan a big marketing offensive to promote FoodCore in various channels.

Is Flutter a Suitable Technology for an MVP Project?

Nizar: Thank you for your time and the talk.

Filip: Thank you. I hope we will be expanding FoodCore together real soon.

Startups often struggle at the begging of their journey with limited time and resources. The same factors worked during FoodCore creation. Are you planning to begin the startup project? Is it going to be a digital product? Contact us directly and let us find the way for you forward. We will help you with establishing the best plan to help your business.


Consider this about Flutter technology

Why Flutter anyway?

Flutter is a cross-platform technology. It uses a single library, framework, and rendering. It allows the creation of an app that will work perfectly both in iOS and Android.

Flutter has two key elements:

  • SDK (Software Development Kit). The toolkit helps developers to create an app and code in a native machine coding language.
  • User interface library. This is a set of elements based on widgets. The programmers match them with each other to build the desired app.

This is why you should consider Flutter when developing an MVP for the mobile app. Using this technology allows creating the product ready for every platform in a shorter time frame. This will maximize the potential reach of the app and minimize the costs of development.

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