How to choose the right technology stack for your web application

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04/04/2019 Development, Web

Picking the right technologies for a web development project can be quite challenging. After all, there are so many different languages, frameworks, and front-end options to choose from - not to mention the databases and hosting options!

But there’s a way to make sense of all that if you ask the right questions.

Here are 4 things you should consider when choosing the technology stack for your web app.

Business needs

Your choice of technology will depend on the kind of problem you want to solve for your target. Some languages and frameworks are just more efficient than others in specific areas.

For example, if you’re looking to build an app involving many components with different and often changing states (like navigation items, buttons, or user login), React.js development is an excellent pick because it helps to dynamically present these different views to the user from state information.

Take your business model into account as well. For a startup, the primary objective is to hit the market as fast as possible. To keep their velocity high, founders need to choose simple solutions with one codebase and an easy-to-learn framework.

Finally, it’s a good idea to consider the end-users and their experience. Will they be accessing your app from mobile or desktop? Which browsers do they use? Do your homework and learn more about the preferences of your users, they’ll help you choose the right technology for your web app project.


Every technology out there generates expenses at three different stages: production, deployment, and maintenance. But that’s not everything. Consider that apart from developing your web app, you’ll also need to test it, analyze it, and then launch it with a solid marketing campaign.

That’s why it makes sense to pick an open-source technology. You’ll able to use these languages or frameworks free of charge and take advantage of solutions that speed up the development process by helping you avoid building everything from scratch.

Here’s what you need to check when picking an open-source technology:

  • What kind of license does it have?
  • Does it offer the features you need?
  • How many core developers contribute to this technology?
  • How many stars and contributors does it have in the Github repository?
  • Is the documentation comprehensive?
  • Has the solution been thoroughly tested?

Consider a technology’s ecosystem

An ecosystem of people and tools surrounds every technology. Looking at the ecosystem give you answers to important questions that impact the costs and speed of development:

  • How many skilled developers are there on the market?
  • Does the technology offer packed and if so, what kind of licenses do they have?
  • How many online tutorials, StackOverflow questions, and events are there?
  • Is the community supportive?

To start digging into an ecosystem of a language or a framework, check out Github’s awesome lists that cover technologies like React or Angular.

Understanding a technology’s ecosystem will help you see whether it’s mature enough to become a reliable foundation for your project. It’s also important to choose a technology which is growing and won’t become obsolete anytime soon.


Another critical aspect in technology choice is security. If you’re developing a web app that uses sensitive data or targets a heavily regulated sector like finance, you need a technology that will help you build a secure solution.

Naturally, security also depends on the skills of developers and policies you implement, but the right technology can help you create a trustworthy application.

Key takeaway

Consider these things when choosing your technology stack and you’ll be on your way to developing a web application that matches your business needs perfectly.

Are you looking for an experienced custom app development company that can help you choose the best technologies for your web app? Get in touch us; we work with innovative solutions and have ample resources on board to help you realize your vision.

Paweł Nędzka
Paweł Nędzka
Chief Sales Officer

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