10 Things Why You Should Choose React js for Your Project

10 Things Why You Should Choose React.js for Your Project

Website development is at its peak; there are many web development tools available that are extremely useful. React.js is very popular amongst all these. Despite not being a full-fledged framework, major web development companies have been using React.js and suggest their silent the same. So, what has led to the sudden popularity of and success of React.js? Here we have compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should also give React js app development a try.

1. Easy to learn

When working with React.js, you only need to work with the frontend part, and it’s not that complex as long as you know JavaScript and if you have a good command of the language, you are good to go.

It is much easier to learn React.js than other popular front-end frameworks like Angular and Vue. This is one of the reasons why React gained so much popularity in little time; small businesses can quickly build their project using this framework.

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2. Fast rendering

React.js uses virtual DOM to boost app speed. It creates a separate tree of custom objects that are part of the DOM.

While in normal HTML, if you create a div block that contains an H1 tag, then there will be an actual div element created with an H1 element inside it. While in React.js, it creates react.div object that includes react.H1 object. These objects that are created can be easily handled without actually going through the real DOM API. When it comes to the rendering part, it will be here for the system to identify what to do with the real DOM based on the virtual one.

While traditional methods in HTML and CSS rendering the whole DOM, the new one will only render the parts that require changes; this is what makes React.js faster.

3. Reusable components

It is advisable to avoid the bad habit of duplicated code while you are in the development career. This bad habit will hurt your project in the long run. What happens is once you want to make a change, you have to edit all the duplicated parts, and that is a very tedious process that no one wants to do.

React.js works in a component-based structure because you don’t need to code the whole block at once for each UI block. Instead, you can start with small components like the text label button, etc. and combine them into a bigger one. These components can later be combined to make even higher-level components, and you can repeat this process until you have the final UI block.

Another benefit of React is that each component has its logic, and they behave separately. This is helpful because they work as a plugin in a big system. When you need a new UI block accompanied by certain logic for a view slot, you can just grab that particular component and plug it in.

Using reusable components, your apps can get a consistent look that is easier to maintain and can be scaled easily in the long run.

4. Faster development

In terms of the productivity of the developer, React.js is very helpful. Using reusable components, you can drastically increase your development speed and give your app a consistent look.

Today speed is one of the most important aspects when you are talking about software development. Once you solve the problem of getting things done faster, you automatically save development costs and earn more money.

5. Easier transition to React Native

React Native is a mobile app development framework that is based on React. Therefore it is very easy for react developers to switch to react native and create applications with a native look and feel. And some components are reusable; they can be used from React web applications in React Native mobile app, which accelerates the development speed.

6. Rich tools and integration

React JS has a very feature ecosystem which includes tools such as flux or redux. Node JS is also included on the backend.

Facebook has also added react developer tools and Chrome developer tools in React.js; these tools help developers to discover child and parent components, observe hierarchies, and more.

React js app development

7. Strong community support

React.js has become a big framework, and all the credit goes to the active community. Besides Facebook providing support, thousands of great contributors from around the world have participated in updating the library on a regular basis. This has led to React.js becoming one of the most up-to-date libraries.

The benefit of this is whenever you have a problem while working on React.js; you can immediately figure it out. There are a lot of tutorials available online that will definitely make you a better react developer. You can also seek solutions to your problems on websites like stack overflow and Quora.

8. Flexible and easy to maintain 

One of the main benefits of React js app development is that react code is easy to update and maintain due to its modulus structure. React projects are very flexible and can be easily scaled. It can help save time and money in the long run very significantly.

9. Testing and functionality of React js app development 

Developers can use the React.js framework for browsing Ecmascript6 models that are essential to define reliance and can utilize it with Babel, react-di, etc. There a simple test can be used as the present state’s function

They can be monitored from triggered functions, output events, etc. you need to test before using, and React.js makes it easy for doing so.

10. Used by fortune 500 companies

Many big companies like Facebook, Netflix, Dropbox, Airbnb, Paypal, etc. use React.js to deliver their customers’ best performance. This speaks itself how reliable the react framework is, and you should try too.

Final takeaway

Just like the Angular framework, the React framework is also efficient and worthy of your attention. React js app development can be very useful and brings a lot of advantages to you. Also, employ a React.js developer who will help you understand the technology and grow your business for your benefit. A good and reliable development company will certainly help you meet your business goals. 


The text was created in collaboration with GoodFirms, a research and review platform for service and software companies.

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