10 Best Flutter Development Tools in 2022

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07/12/2021 Mobile, Development

Mobile apps are popular among Millennials. About 21% of Gen Y uses that kind of software more than 50 times a day . Also, more than 57% of all digital media users around the world are mobile apps . Looking at Gen Z, none of them can imagine the world without smartphones. That is why 98% of them use mobile devices . Furthermore, all of Gen Z uses mobile apps daily for more than 5 hours a day!

Looking forward, we can observe the next generation called Alpha. Kids born in that period are growing up with smartphones in their hands. When you look at this data, it is clear that mobile apps are gone thrive. Mobile devices are a staple tool for everyday life.

Nowadays, mobile apps provide a broad spectrum of services and help in many industries. They need to be intuitive to use and fix the customers problems. This is why mobile apps rapidly transformed from niche solutions to the whole branch of the digital product industry. Are you thinking about developing one? We will try to help choose the right path for your business.

Before you commit to developing your mobile app, consider this:

  • Why do the users need your app?
  • What do you need to make it effective?
  • What is your target group?
  • How can you balance the reduction costs with the quality of your app?

There is one more topic you need to address before digital product development. The market you intend to enter is highly dynamic. That is why you need to keep your approach flexible and react to technological news accordingly.

Flutter – effective and inexpensive way to develop a mobile app

At the start, we need to look closely at some facts about mobile apps. According to Statista, mobile apps generated $581.9 billion in revenue in 2020. The first problem concerns the investment in developing a mobile app. Thankfully, there is a way to do it without engaging a vast amount of money. We are talking about Flutter. You do not need great experience in coding to use it. That is why the development costs will be substantially lower.

Google created Flutter to be a mobile app design framework. The first official version of the product premiered in 2018 during Dart Developer Summit. Flutter is a cross-platform development tool. It is a lot easier to use than other technologies. Many developers trust it because of it. To sum it up, Flutter will give you a proper balance between the speed of development and the quality of the product.

Important information regarding Flutter:

  • Flutter is an SDK (Software Development Kit) and not a programming language.
  • Widgets are the foundation of the work in Flutter.
  • The official programming language for Flutter is Dart.
  • Apps created in Flutter have a bigger APK size.

Why should you choose Flutter when developing mobile your mobile app?

Surely, you would like to create an effective mobile app with the lowest possible development cost. Of course, the quality of the product is also vital. Flutter will allow you to build breath-taking designs for both iOS and Android.

Flutter programming language is Dart (created by Google). It has the Hot Reload option. Thanks to it, you can put the changes in the code live. Every single one will update momentarily, without the need of creating an application anew.

Framework inside the Flutter is open-sourced. It has complete documentation about the support for the users. Additionally, you can find a lot of feedback from the users. All these help developers with the coding process.

One of the biggest pros of Flutter is a single code for every platform. It means that you can create an app for iOS and Android at the same time. This helps the development process significantly.

The next part of the Flutter is its ability to create UI elements easily. Widgets allow you to add, remove and merge the parts you wish to include in your design. In Flutter, you control every pixel on the screen, unlike in the native programming languages. Widgets are easy to replace, and you switch their order however you like.

Moreover, it is happening instantly for iOS and Android alike. Flutter also allows you to create complex projects and animated UI elements. Merging diverse parts of the UI will look the same for every platform. Furthermore, Flutter has an option for implementing the animations libraries to better support your design. This will give your mobile app a polished and flawless look.

Flutter is the most effective tool for designing MVP (Minimum Viable Product) projects. It aids with the verification of your business idea and eases market research. Flutter helps with gathering quantifiable data from customer feedback. Furthermore, with this technology, you can implement the changes in your app rapidly. Especially when your users show you what functionality needs improvement. This will help you to determine faster the validity of your vision for the mobile app.

Flutter’s ability to personalize the design is admirable. It will help you with designing a mobile app suitable for your style. Below you will find the best tools to help your development process in Flutter.

The best tools for Flutter development in 2022


Firebase is a platform created by Google. It helps Flutter developers with designing high-quality mobile apps. The important tool of this platform is Firestore – NoSQL database. It stores data in JSON documents. That kind of database does not require the services of another programmer. If you use any other native technology, you will have to employ a database specialist. Access to the resources comes through Firebase. All you need to do is implement a pre-generated file into your app. There might be instances where you will need more advanced database functions. In that case, the platform has Firebase Functions options. It gives your database the range of operations from user authorisation and notification to text identification software.


That tool comes very handily when designing the mobile app with Flutter. It gives you the ability to release your product to the market without the need for additional configuration. Codemagic has a variety of automation tools. They will help you with the smooth testing of your app. Furthermore, the development process will accelerate, and the Q&A will be more effective.


Appetize is a simulator and emulator for iOS and Android. It is the best software in this category. This tool is fully operated online. It assists the Flutter mobile app development process. Appetize allows you to release your product faster for iOS and Android. This software checks the performance of your app on the browsers based on JavaScript and HTML. Additionally, Appetize is the natural choice for developers who appreciate the effectiveness of the mobile app.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is the common choice for Flutter developers. It can debug data in the cloud, web apps and control the versions of the products. This tool is loved by the whole Flutter community. VSC is a Microsoft tool based on open-source and free code editor for Linux, Windows and iOS. Visual Studio Code supports intelligent code filing, highlights syntax elements, improves debugging and snippets, code refactoring, and implementing the app in GIT. VSC is compatible with C++ and Python. To sum it up, it is a priceless tool that improves mobile app development in Flutter.


This tool handles the administration and management of subscriptions. RevenueCat makes backup copies for iOS, Android and Stripe. To be precise, it allows you to manage the internal and external subscriptions in the app. RC take charge of all the financial settlements for your product. Moreover, RevenueCat monitors your app in the spectrum of MPR, churn and LTV.

Test Magic

Test Magic is a tool for fast testing of the app and its architecture. It will help you with a smart distribution of code compilation. And this will give you the base for testing your app on physical devices with iOS and Android.


Rive is an interactive tool for real-time animation design. It can create movable graphic elements that react to the user movements. If you have some knowledge about graphical design, you can devise beautifully animated figures that will react to the actions taken inside the app. Any Flutter developers use it because of its intuitiveness.

Adobe Plugins

Adobe Plugins helps with generating code for the apps designed in Flutter. To be precise, it helps with compilatning the Dart code to create aesthetic visuals. They will be implemented inside the app’s database. AP has a solution for the design of games, apps, web pages, voice interfaces, etc. Adobe Plugins allows creating prototypes from text, micro-interactions, vector design, animations and pictures.


WonderPush has a variety of applications inside the Flutter development. Its use consists of developing the communication inside the app and the push notification system. This tool will help you to attract the user’s attention and allow him to act. Also, it helps with implementing add-ons to the segmentation, targeting, A-B testing and geo-localization.


This is an open-source code compilator created by Maurice McCabe. Flutter community use it for AWS Device Farm. It is complex testing of the integration of the apps created in Flutter. The Q&A is done for both iOS and Android in physical devices.


Flutter is an open-source framework updated often. Working on several projects at the same time will result in using the different Flutter versions. Changing it through the console is troublesome. Flutter Version Manager is the solution to that problem. It has an intuitive graphic interface. Within it is easy to change the Flutter version with a few clicks.

What to remember when developing the mobile app with Flutter?

Developing the mobile app is not a closed process. Choosing the right technology for your project requires identifying your needs. Analyze the effectiveness and functionality of the technology you wish to use. Some of them will only work for a single platform (e.g. ITT or iOS). Others will function as cross-platform solutions. Also, remember about technological support. You will need it during the development process.

Do not let the first negative feedback bring you down. Identify and rectify every issue inside your product. Remember to look for the optimal solutions and ways to fix the problems with your team. An example is a PR team that will take care of your reputation online when the programmes will fix the bugs. Always release the freshest version of your app. You need to interest your customers with the product and make them come back to it. To combine effectiveness, performance and profitability, use Flutter technology with every accompanying tool.

Many entrepreneurs struggle with mobile app development. Do you have no idea how to start? Someone told you about cross-platform technologies, but you do not know how to use them? Write to us and let’s talk. We specialized in Flutter and optimization of the process of mobile app development. We participated in many successful projects that combined the effectiveness and profitability of the development process.

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